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Friday, December 19, 2008

Advent Conspiracy Offering

Just a reminder that this Sunday at both campuses of FirstChurch, we'll be taking up a special offering for the Advent Conspiracy Fund.

100% of the funds collected will go to support 2 causes. We will be providing support to some of the local agencies that feed the hungry right here in Champaign and we will be digging wells to provide clean drinking water in the village of Lisinjala in Malawi. You may designate your giving if you wish it to go specifically to either hunger or thirst. Otherwise we will split that offering in half in support of those 2 causes.

Thanks to everyone who has taken simple steps this Christmas to Worship Fully by rethinking the way we use our resources this Christmas so that we can make a life changing impact on the world. It has been so overwhelming to hear so many stories about families who have found so much more meaning this Christmas by focusing on giving to those in need instead of getting more stuff we don't really need. I'm quite sure that Jesus is really digging the way we are celebrating his birthday.

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